Project Management

Project Management

Project Management

At D3E project management has become the most appropriate method to fit our industrial clients' expectations. 

We are convinced that this approach brings a great documentary traceability and maximal reliability for the realization of the product.

D3E has an "ERP" type software developped in-house and adapted to its structure, this allows us to take into acount our clients' expectations and to make sure they are reached.

This software allows us to initialize and manage the project with tools such as Human Ressources allocation, electronic management of documents, planning of work, administrative and commercial follow-up. It also allows us to plan trainings and authorizations of our employees and to make sure the ressources implemented match the security and environmental regulations.

Each project is given to a sales technician who is in touch with our client. An account manager is designated coordinate the work and success of the project. 

Our company is certified ISO9001, our management system allows our account managers to have access, at each step of the project, to the appropriate support in areas such as Marketing, studies, buying, making and administrative or financial follow-ups.  

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